After 30 years of experience, research and progress, the footwear manufacturing company Dian has developed a range of excellent quality work footwear, succeeding all this time in making a worker’s life much easier.

Functionality and health are the two basic aspects DIAN takes into account in the manufacture of their work footwear. A brand specialising in medical, uniform and safety footwear, bears in mind other key issues such as safety in risk jobs and adaptability to the different anatomies of workers using DIAN footwear. Because our main task is to provide solutions that improve the worker’s comfort in the workplace.


“We understand work footwear as a working tool that must adapt to the needs of each job”.


In our different product ranges (Health / Catering, Uniform and Safety), we have a type of footwear where comfort, protection and design are key factors. All this in order to avoid possible accidents and discomforts caused by inadequate footwear.


“Every single detail counts when we talk about image”.


Finishes, textures, colour combinations and the shape of the footwear are only some aspects that make DIAN footwear a unique and quality product.


“One of the most relevant aspects for us is workers’ health, so we have this aspect present throughout the development process of our footwear models”.


We use innovation and technology, following biomechanical principles and standards. This is how we succeed in manufacturing a shoe that guarantees complete foot care and a proper fit. And not only that: our footwear offers the possibility of incorporating custom made orthotics for each user.




Our quality and health Certificates

We have various certificates that guarantee that work footwear by DIAN is a symbol of quality and we comply with the current standards.

Valencia Institute of Biomechanics

A technological centre that studies the behaviour of the human body and its relationship with the products and environments that people use.


Ecolabel certifies that reduced environmental impact procedures are followed for the manufacture of its products.

AENOR Quality Certification

DIAN has the quality certificate ISO 9001:2008 that certifies that DIAN complies with all the quality standards.

logo inescop
Associated Company INESCOP

Our products are backed by the Technological Institute for Footwear and Related Industries (INESCOP)

Certificate OEC – Product of Spanish Origen

This seal identifies Dian as a Spanish company that manufactures its products entirely in Spain.

Our Catalogue

Take a look at our catalogue, where you can find all the work footwear models and choose the one that suits your needs.