Dian: symbol of Comfort, Design and Health

DIAN is a leading company in the manufacturing sector of work footwear, especially the one related to health, safety and catering type of footwear. With over 30 years of experience, Dian has achieved excellent product quality, making a worker’s life much easier.

Convenience and comfort in the workplace are the main objectives of DIAN, without forgetting about safety in risk jobs and adaptability to different anatomies. DIAN offers solutions for everyone.

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Our footwear, example of certified quality

DIAN products are manufactured exclusively in Spain and proof of this is that the company has received the Spanish Origin Certificate (OEC), a seal created to identify Spanish companies that manufacture their products in Spain.

Moreover, DIAN products have been adapted to the EN-ISO-20347: 2012 and ENISO- 20345: 2012 standards. Since 2004, AENOR certifies that its footwear models are adapted to the UNEENISO-9001: 2008 standard and with certificate number ER-0162/2004, which covers design, production and marketing of footwear

ECOLABEL certifies that the majority of its work footwear models are manufactured following reduced environmental impact procedures. Likewise, new recently obtained certificates guarantee-by measuring the carbon footprint of our models-, a responsible and sustainable manufacturing.

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A shoe that takes care of the worker’s health

Some workers suffer from their own feet pathologies, making it difficult to find a comfortable and quality work footwear that cares and protects the health of the employee. At DIAN we have taken this into consideration, and it is for this reason that most of our models can incorporate orthotic insoles.

Nowadays, we believe the future of the industry and of the different employment sectors lies in respecting the environment and the introduction of new forms of production that are clean and free of contaminants. For this reason, our products have the ECOLABEL, which certifies that our footwear is manufactured with reduced environmental impact.

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